Case Studies

Join the Night 'n Day Family

Gain a better work life balance. Slash your paperwork. Be a part of a sought after brand.

Alan Garrick was the first Franchisee to own 4 stores.

He has been the owner of the Night 'n Day Arrowtown store since 1992. And as of 2017 owns both Queenstown stores (Night 'n Day Church Street & Night 'n Day Shotover Street) and opened Night 'n Day Kawarau in 2022. 

Why did you join Night 'n Day?

In all honesty the initial reason was the location and the potential of the store and its closeness to a ski field. I was only the second franchised store all those years ago! As of 2017, I own both Queenstown stores.

What are the benefits of being part of Night 'n Day?

Being part of a group run by people who want to lead the industry and are focused on Franchisee success to generate their own success. Being part of a collective group also helps to facilitate new ideas and reduce business risks, including regulatory.‍

It's also much more efficient than a standalone store, as we have Head Office doing a large amount of the paperwork, conducting compliance checks and maintaining standards across the group. And there is a benefit to learning from the pitfalls that others in the collective group have suffered.

What is the work/life balance like?

We've been sustainable for such a long period, 30 years! This is by Head Office taking some of the admin work load off us and generally making business much easier to run.

Manjit and Sukhwinder Singh - Owners since 2013

Owners of Night 'n Day Hewletts Road store in Tauranga since November 2013 and Night 'n Day Lake Road store in Rotorua.

Why did you join Night 'n Day?

We found Andrew Lane and his team honest, straight forward and trustworthy. As we hadn't had our own business before we also liked the support system that Night 'n Day offered.

What are the benefits of being part of Night 'n Day?

Being part of Night 'n Day enables us to be a much more efficient business that uses best practices. They bring the benefits of being part of a large organisation, such as preferred supplier agreements, sponsorship by suppliers, marketing strategies, 24 hour support, and accounts. This gives us more time to focus on running our actual business.

What is the work/life balance like?

Initially we were 7 days a week, to ensure we got to know all aspects of it and spend time with our team. But now it is certainly easier to take time off knowing that if the staff need help in our absence, Head Office support is available to them.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to join Night 'n Day?

We have learnt so much by being part of Night 'n Day. It has had its challenges, but with the help and support of Head Office we have dealt with these and made some wonderful memories too. Open and honest communication with Head Office will ensure that any concerns you have are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Be open to new ideas and having a go. Ask yourself if you're the type of person who is able to follow process and procedure. Be positive and open minded and there is no reason why you will not be successful!

Manjit and Sukhwinder Singh of Night 'n Day Hewletts