Frequently asked questions

Find out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

Is Night 'n Day a New Zealand owned and operated franchise network with locally owned and operated stores?

Yep, we sure are! With humble beginings in Dunedin to now having over 50 stores across both the North and South Island, we've got it when you want it!

Will you help our sports team out with backpacks, sportsbags, and/or waterbottles?

We've been supporting local schools and sports teams for as long as we can remember! If there's something we can do to help, we're keen. Pop into your local store to have a chat or send an email directly to the store for them to consider. 

Why doesn't Night 'n Day have two apostrophes? 

It’s purely a game of characters, and we had to play the game - 10 was the max, plus some spaces, so it honestly could’ve been worse…

‘Night nd Day’ was the alternative option, and you might be thinking “well, okay, but what about ’Night & Day’ because that’s 9 characters?!”…and to that we say, well, no one knows what that ‘and squiggle’ is called or how to draw one properly so we just took that option off the table.

While we could have just had the n in there, well, that’s a bit lonely for the n, right? Grammar aside, everyone needs a friend so enter in its mate, the apostrophe. And there ya have it, the true origin story of the Night ‘n Day apostrophe.