FROZONE Re-brand

Friday 12th August 2016

FROZONE  Re-brand

Today we officialy released the new Helova FROZONE theme to the public. This is a self serve kiosk complete with frozen yoghurt and toppings, slushies and fizzy slushies.  The rebrand has been nearly a year in the making and marks a very exciting time for us. Take a look at the below commercial to kick things off. 

The Family 

We thought the best way to make it resonate with our customers was to create the FROZONE family. Each character is set to portray some general characteristics and personality attributes found in many of our customers. 

Boris - The Yeti. Clumsy lovable story teller 

Jake - The Extrovert. Complete socialite 

Kate - The Tomboy. Hottest DJ in town and extreme sport enthusiast

Ella - The Beauty Queen and social media icon  

Ben - The man's man. Captain of the Helova Rugby team and Mr Dependable 

FROZONE Cups - coming soon

Want to learn more about FROZONE? 

The self serve kiosk can be found at selected Night 'n Day stores throughout the South Island (coming to the North Island soon). to find out of your local store has it or to simply learn more about FROZONE, visit 

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