In a cold and barren land, there stands a beacon of hope. A place of unity, fun and freedom. Welcome to Frozone, a Helova place.

What's your flavour?

There are loads of flavours to choose from across the entire frozone range.
Here is what the frozone family like and a little bit about them.



Jake brings the party to life with his ‘off the wall antics’. He’s a total night owl and subsequently sleeps in and misses his morning class. At lunch time you can catch him sneaking off to grab his favourite Fizzy slushy for a midday treat with his friends.



This Beauty queen is a social media icon. She’s always up with the play on whats trending and has a thirst for fashion and all things ‘hot’. Once she’s seen it has she to have it. Ella loves catching up with her girl friends and planning the next big party over a frozen yoghurt.



Kate and Ben have been best friends since kids with a shared passion of extreme sports and music. Kate’s the hottest DJ in town and always brings the best beats to the Frozone festivals. She always meets up with her friends after the gig to talk about the night over a slushy.



Easy going Ben is captain of the Helova Rugby team and loves his extreme sports with his best mate Kate. He’s always getting egg’d on by Jake to do crazy stuff. Last week Jake wanted to know how much Ben could bench press and would'nt stop asking so bench pressed Jake, 12 times! Ben loves a well earned frozen yogurt with the team after the game.



Boris is the big snuggly fun loving yeti. He’s well known, a greatstory teller and is a much loved figure of the Frozone family. This clumsy character is always slipping over his messes and starting snow ball fights. Be careful when your around him as you may find yourself with a snow ball in the face!


The Family


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