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The capital costs of entering a Night ‘n Day Foodstore franchise are dependent on whether it is:
  1. A new site
  2. An existing Night ‘n Day Foodstore
  3. Converting an existing store to a Night ‘n Day Foodstore
Good franchises are not cheap.  Besides the initial fee, the Franchisor charges a continuing fee.  There is also an additional advertising levy.
There is now no doubt that the chances of success with a franchise are significantly greater than a sole trader.
By overseas experience, the failure rate of franchised outlets is likely to be less than 10% in the first five years.  This compares more favourably with the spectacularly high failure rate of around 85% by small "go-it-alone" businesses.  Two factors account for the lower failure rate of franchises:
Because of these factors, the potential to make a profit within a franchised system is quicker than a "go-it-alone" business.  It can take a solo venture an average of three years to break even and begin to make a profit.  With franchising it tends to be quicker (after three to six months) because operating systems are already in place as well as an advertising and marketing plan.
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