Franchising is the way for independent business people to put the methods of a well-known and successful business concept to work in their own business enterprise and still enjoy the freedom of independence.  It will enable you, for example, to introduce an already successful business name and concept to your suburb or district and then to operate that business on your own.

The most important business decision you will ever make in your whole life is the decision to go into your own business.  The next most important decision will be whether to start from scratch with an idea you think will work and build it into a going concern or to buy an existing business and build it into a better one, or to invest in a franchise like a Night ‘n Day Foodstore.

With a Night ‘n Day Foodstore you will be working with a proven successful enterprise and you will be working from a common pool of resources, ideas, information and experience.

Many successful owners of small businesses have discovered that they can preserve their independence while growing faster and more profitably than a traditional, totally independent enterprise.

The cliché of being in business for yourself but not by yourself is absolutely true.  The Franchise Agreement obligates the Franchisor through initial and ongoing training to provide the knowledge and skills to enable you to be successful.

Management Service Fees (frequently confused with royalties) are related to the gross turnover of the business.  This confirms that it is in the Franchisor's interest to ensure that the Franchisee is successful to the maximum degree possible.

The Franchisor certainly doesn't want any of the network to fail and Support Centre assistance over the phone and in the field is generally available merely by asking.

Night ‘n Day Foodstores is a proud member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ). Members of the Association are committed to observe the best practice in franchising through adherence to a Code of Ethics, a Code of Practice and the Rules of the Association. Buying a franchise is a serious undertaking and you need to take your time to decide if it is right for you. FANZ offer a comprehensive, free online training programme, specifically designed to help people better understand the intricacies of franchising. We encourage all potential franchisees to complete this training, it will take approximately 6 hours, but the practical knowledge about franchising you will gain is priceless. Click on the FANZ logo below to begin the programme.

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