Retail Stalwart bucks the trend in Deloitte Fast 50

Thursday 9th January 2014

Retail Stalwart bucks the trend in Deloitte Fast 50
The lion’s share of the Deloitte Fast 50 are typically young technology focused companies experiencing astronomical early growth. So how did a traditional bricks and mortar retailer, who has been established for over 30 years take out a couple of the top prizes?
Night ‘n Day were awarded 4th fastest growing company in New Zealand and the Regional Winner for Southland and Otago, in 2012 – the only Otago and Southland company to make the fast 50 index. 
“We’re a family” say co-Directors Denise and Andrew Lane, “Every new franchisee joins our extended family and every store is a direct reflection on that family, we make sure our franchisees know that they have our support 100%”. 
In 2013 Night 'n Day won fastest growing mature business for the Otago and Southland region.
Whilst positive culture obviously plays a role in their success, it’s obvious that robust systems and processes also play a major role. Franchisees are given extensive support to help run their day to day operations including accounts, regular training, monthly purchasing & product updates, marketing programmes and detailed performance reporting to store and product line level. Not to mention strategically chosen high-traffic store locations.
Such systems allow Night ‘n Day’s franchisees to spend more time ‘in’ the business focusing on enhancing their customer service and product range. Whilst Night ‘n Day is now a large national retail chain, they still have the flexibility and responsiveness typical of independently run companies. 
“We’re flexible and agile and will respond to the market, we offer the products that our customers are looking for,” says Tony Allison, Night ‘n Day CEO. “Our grocery range is diverse, from cans of baked beans, to paninis and milkshakes” says Allison. “Our takeaways include coffee and muffins, as well as fish ‘n chips, lasagne and nachos. All of our deli and hot food is made in-house and we are known for our exceptional food quality and range. All our stores are either open 24 hours or 7 to 11”, he says.
Night ‘n Day’s systems were put to the test, when in late 2011 they formed an agreement to provide convenience stores for 21 of Gull’s petrol stations in the North Island. This has been the source of the real growth in the business over the past 12 months. 
“We only have a few of the original 21 Gull sites still available for franchising and our plan is to extend our relationship with Gull who have 50 sites in total. We would also like to see stand-alone sites in the North Island before the end of 2013.” Says Allison. 
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